About Set Sail Swift

Set Sail Swift is a blog about all things iOS development, run by me, Jake Sims. 

I am an iOS developer with 7 years experience starting my journey as a new grad at GEICO but now working at Capital One. I am enthusiastic about SwiftUI and its continued growth. 

I want to use this space to blog about various topics in iOS development, with the hope that it can provide a space for both you and I to learn and continue to grow. While I have experience as an iOS developer, there times I encounter imposter syndrome and feel I’m not as skilled as I am or can be. Therefore I wanted to create a space where I can document on topics and, in the process, reinforcing what I know and grow in what I do not, all the while brining you along so we can go along this journey together. 

A rising tide raises all ships, as the saying goes. So let’s hoist the anchor, drop the sails, and set sail towards the iOS development horizon! (And yes the nautical terms are here to stay!)