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Ahoy world!

Hi! Ahoy! Avast! Welcome to Set Sail Swift, a weekly-ish blog about all things iOS development. 

Quick note about me: I’m a iOS developer with 6-7 years of experience(depending on I’m feeling haha). While I have a good tenure in my career, I have countless times where I did not have the greatest confidence in my skill set. This is in part due to working on projects, learning new concepts, then almost forgetting a good chunk of it or not totally grasping the full concepts of an approach and its implications to the greater software architecture. This led me to the realization that if I want to continue to grow as a developer, I should follow the old saying: To better solidify your knowledge, teach someone what you know. That someone will be both you and I, dear reader.

The goal of this journey is not only to solidify what I know but also to point out what I am not as knowledgable in and grow in those areas. But most importantly, it is to help us, you and I, to become kick-ass iOS engineers! This is a journey for both you and I to discover the world of iOS development and all its wonders. Together, we will discover great things and be captains of this long voyage. Ahoy!

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